Music Video

Americana Highways hosted this video premiere of Pat Guadagno’s version of Bob Dylan‘s song Boots of Spanish Leather as a soaring duet with Mary McCrink. It evokes imagery of Bob Dylan's lyrical poeticism with the song appearing on Pat’s recently released album 1964, produced by Pat Guadagno and Phil Ludwig. 

According to Pat, "Bob Dylan wrote this lyrical epistle about faded love and the open sea. A story of two lovers, a sailor, undecided about his direction, and the woman in waiting. As their romantic fate becomes clear, she requests boots of Spanish leather as a symbolic parting gift. Perfectly written as a duet, I was surprised Joan and Bob never recorded this, so Mary McCrink and I did."

It’s lovely to hear this timeless song, and Pat’s observations are right. It was perfectly written to be a duet. Sunsets, campfires, waves along the coastlines, and the declaration of passion this song embodies are delivered masterfully together in the video. Sweet and sorrowful.  – Melissa Clark, March 20, 2023

Yuri heard the song once before playing his part like a third voice's call and response. Mary didn't remember where it was recorded. The recording was almost lost until Pat got it back from the studio. One take. It was magical. And a mystery.

Pat Guadagno on acoustic guitar and vocals, Mary McCrink on vocals, and Yuri Turchyn on violin. The video was created by March Hare Media, and directed by Christina Kotlar.