BARTENDER live! The musical experience became an awe-inspiring journey across a worldwide time travel– an integrating, interweaving jam of original, Italian and Mediterranean songs, Django Reinhardt Gypsy jazz and swing, Robert Johnson and the Americana blues world, the Beatles and Ennio Morricone (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Cinema Paradiso, Django Unchained).

Each song is rearranged and enhanced with a Balkan beat –using Gypsy rhythmic percussion on their acoustic guitars and basslines on guitar with lead guitar counter rhythms to bass and vocals –creating a distinctive style that reawakens and stokes passion and verve. Focusing on rhythm and harmonies, they incorporate string instruments such as lap steel, banjo, bouzouki, and mandolin, along with electric violin with featured violinist Yuri Turchyn. 

Svedonio (guitar, bouzouki, backup vocals) produced an Italian album that won a platinum record award, and his work was nominated for MTV awards. He has four albums, including The Reverse (Abbey Road Studios, Copasetik Recordings), which was released in the UK receiving critical acclaim from Rolling Stone magazine. 

David Tordi (lead guitar, vocals, mandolin) worked with Renzo Arbore. As a member of the Italo & the Ronny Boy Band (on a very popular national TV music show on RAI1), David toured all over Italy, playing many sold-out shows. Now he spends his time touring and performing between Italy and USA. 

Andrea Vincenti (guitar, banjo, backup vocals) featured as a guest guitarist with Italo & the Ronny Boy Band, which also featured David Tordi on lead guitar. He and David co-founded BARTENDER in 2000 and played hundreds of shows in Italy.

Featured Live Performances