From the recordings Currents and I'll Always Remember Your Name

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I'll Always Remember Your Name

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She comes to me by the riverside
Floating free like a butterfly
Taking in the presents of the sky
She throws a smile to the winsome wind
Picks a flower puts it in her hair
Looks at me Says to me

I haven’t got time for a garden
I haven’t the strength to sustain
I need to remain in seclusion
I need to remember my name

The wind has blown the sun away
Birds have flown to a hideaway
We walk alone in the presence of the day
I searched the skies for some helpful word
The voice I heard was the Voyager
He looks at her Says to her

Never lose time for the garden
Never lose strength to sustain
You won’t need to remain in seclusion
And I’ll always remember your name

The garden will always need tending
The strength to go on will sustain
You don’t need to rely on seclusion
I’ll always remember your name…