1. Dangerous Rose

From the recording Currents

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Dangerous Rose

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On my trip to redemption
Somewhere off the coast of doubt and certainty
I met a woman who eclipsed my dream
She’s of local extraction
A noble savage oozing with contempt
She had a dark side like daylight’s shady element

She said no love can offer salvation
Like an architect rezoning souls
She said logic can kill an illusion
And no magic can alter that role

A rose has a dangerous side
Beauty and death are its bride
A rose has poisonous pride
Passion and truth coincide

So I said to this lady
Take me on a trip and show me Shangri-La
She just pointed a finger and showed me a scar
And on this dreamlike excursion
I thought that love would make us happy and pure
She said love shows how much we can endure

I felt like Bogey lost on a river
Sailing this African Queen
For her love was turbulent water
As if love was Original Sin

A rose has a dangerous side…

I was wrapped in a veil of emotions
Grasping the air for the truth
Her shadow it paled in the moonlight
And faded away with the night

A rose has a dangerous side…