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Maybe Next Time

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Quantum gravity historical leaps
The earth keeps shaking under my feet
Walls come down… boundaries change
Somehow we found ourselves in a real fast lane
I don’t know, I take a look at the sky
The dirt I see makes me wanna cry
I go to the phone, emergency call,
Found the president’s mind is off-the-wall.

Maybe next time we’ll know how to make it better
Maybe next time we’ll know that we could make it better
Taking a chance maybe next time to make it right.

Frequent fliers delegate deals
Gangs in drive-bys kill on wheels
With all this sadness going on
The papers tell me about these kids going down.
Boomerang philosophers standing in the halls
Making deals to cut my balls
If we don’t take the time to make it right
Will we get the chance to do it twice?

Maybe next time we’ll know…